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Fully Managed Affiliate Marketing

Through our network of websites we are offering the opportunity for individuals, organisations, charities, schools, or indeed just about anyone make money through affiliate marketing. What's more, we will do all the hard work (producing the code, keeping the product feeds up to date, handling payments from merchants etc).

We offer a variety of options depending on what you require;

Simple tracked links
This option is completely free. You use specially generated "tracking links" which will take visitors to our current websites. If the customer makes a purchase or signs up to a product, you are paid accordingly. This is the cheapest, quickest, and easiest option.

Your own white label site
The site will have a genetic look to it but will have your logo displayed. The tracking links will track your visitors and sales. There is a small set-up cost for this option but if can get only a few sales your costs are covered.

Your own bespoke project
We will develop a branded site, or integrate comparison pages into your website, using the same design and branding that you already have in place. Although there is an initial setup charge, we still take care of updating all of the product feeds, as well as billing and technical support.

What now?
If you are interested and want to know more, head over to our affiliate marketing website for more details.


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